Who We Are

Brittany Wickliffe, a former career Nanny, dreamed of creating a service that actually helped! While working as a Nanny for many amazing Families, she assessed the needs of herself and other Nannies. After working with a typical agency, she became convinced that there had to be a better way and a more effective model. Using this knowledge, she began identifying ways to actually help Nannies find the right Families and keep them. 

As a parent, Brittany was intensely dissatisfied with the screening process for childcare workers. Knowing firsthand how impractical screening and irrelevant training are the "norm," she established Nanny Needs to raise the bar in the childcare industry. Because our kids are worth it.

She also recognized that many parents don't seem to ask the right questions when interviewing Nannies. Parents are so rightly concerned with The Basics (CPR certification, experience, etc.) that they can't fully focus on whether or not this Nanny will actually fit well with their Family and parenting style. Family-Nanny relationships rarely fail because of a problem with the child(ren.) These complex relationships usually break down due to incompatibilities between the Nanny and the Family.

We aim to correct that. By adequately covering The Basics, we help every Family and Nanny find matches that actually fit both of their needs and personalities. We are an all-inclusive, adaptive service. With a small one-time registration fee, we can match you with a full-time Nanny for your child's first year, and still make a perfect match for summer care when your kiddo is 6. There are no finder's fee or monthly or yearly costs. When you don't need us, you simply don't pay us. Nanny Needs is about truly helping each Family with their evolving needs and providing the support that Nannies actually need when they need it.