For our Nannies, we:​​

  • Screen Families to help make sure you'll have a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Provide ongoing support as needed, including, but not limited to:​​​​​

    • Giving feedback on interview techniques and areas of improvement.

    • Offering advice and techniques for difficult situations, like potty training regressions, behavior challenges, sleeping problems, etc.

    • Scheduling play dates so the Nanny Life won't be too isolating!

  • Share Family Profiles for Regularly Scheduled Families so you can identify the ones most suited for you.

  • Make it super easy to pick up extra shifts. And your favorite Families can request you every time!

  • Host fun and helpful CPR classes with other Nannies

  • Provide opportunities for professional development with classes including Newborn Basics, Summer Standards, Potty Training 101, Sleep Support, and countless more.