Because we aren't like typical nanny agencies, we don't handle pricing the same way. We charge a one-time Registration Fee and a flat hourly rate. That's it.

The hourly rate is set based on various factors. We email our pricing chart to Families that complete the Registration Form, but here are a few factors we consider:

  • The number of and ages of your child(ren)

  • If you need a Nanny full-time, part-time, or just occasionally

  • If you need evening and/or weekend hours

  • The experience, education, and qualifications of the Nanny

  • Whether or not your Family will provide a Monthly Minimum

And a few more! 

After completing your Registration Form, we can quote a price. For Occasional Families, we can provide your hourly rate. For Regularly Scheduled Families, we quote a range of $2/hr difference to allow you to interview and consider Nannies with varying levels of experience, education, and qualifications. Your final rate ​will depend on the Nanny that you select!