Our Team

Brittany is the Founder and Director of Nanny Needs. As a small business owner, she does a variety of different things to keep everything running. Always focused on providing the best services, she hopes to help more Families and Nannies for many years to come. Because Brittany predominately handles boring business things, interacts with new Families and Nannies, provides Sleep Support for our Families, and countless other responsibilities, Nanny Needs has some help in other areas!

Our Personal Care Managers (or PCMs!) play a huge role in our company. They provide personalized attention to a limited number of Families and Nannies. Once someone is using our services, their PCM is their go-to person! She helps schedule date nights, backup Nannies, keep track of your favorite Nannies or Families, and can help find answers for any questions. We believe that each Family and Nanny should be known on a more personal level. As we've grown (and will continue to grow!) we've seen the individualized care that a PCM provides be truly revolutionary. Your PCM is assigned when you become part of Nanny Needs, and her contact information and a biography for her is sent to you!

We also work with Payroll and Office Managers to handle more of that boring business stuff! Our Payroll Manager handles invoicing our Families and direct deposits for Nannies. The Office Manager helps maintain records, reminds everyone when they need to get a booster shot or renew their driver's license, and all kinds of other important things!